Success Stories

Silicon Valley Saga

Board Members with a premier venture capital firm in the Silicon Valley had concerns about one of their partner companies. They discovered that the Founder wanted to move on, and they brought in a highly vetted CEO to take over. One year later, things still weren’t going well. The Board suspected that the Founder wasn’t relinquishing his power and hired Elizabeth Gibson to investigate.

Through a series of interviews, Elizabeth discovered that the Founder did, indeed, want to exit but the organization wasn’t letting go. In fact, her work revealed that the employees did not trust, respect or even like the new CEO, which was impeding their ability to perform and meet corporate goals. As the Board began searching for new CEO candidates, Elizabeth was able to guide that process using her deep understanding of the organization’s culture, needs and opportunities. Thanks to Elizabeth’s unique assessment abilities, the Board was able to select a new CEO who fit perfectly and has since led the company to unprecedented financial success.

Extraordinary Transformation

In the late 1990s, Elizabeth Gibson led the consulting team that partnered with retail giant Best Buy in a transformational change that turned the company around. Best Buy’s stock price increased over 1400% in five years, at a time when the high-tech sector was suffering. Specifically, the change impacted same-store profitability and reduced employee turnover.

This successful partnership is described in Big Change at Best Buy: Working Through Hyper Growth to Sustained Excellence (Davies-Black, April 2003) written by Elizabeth Gibson and Andy Billings. Brad Anderson, then the CEO of Best Buy, generously contributed the Foreword and gives credit to Elizabeth and her team for their contribution to this stunning success.

High-Stakes Science

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, members of Congress and scientists were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the University of California (UC) over the management and security of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). In 2003, then Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham announced that the contract with UC to run the lab would not be renewed because of what he called “systematic management failures,” and vendors would be invited to submit bids for the new contract.

Administrators from the UC Office of the President hired Elizabeth Gibson as part of a team to help the University maintain its oversight of LBNL. Elizabeth worked closely with top executives at LBNL, assessing individual leaders as well as group dynamics within the organization. Her team’s targeted recommendations for process improvements and behavioral change transformed the lab environment, enabling UC to successfully win the contract bid and maintain control of LBNL.

These are just a few examples of the successful transformations that Elizabeth has engineered for major companies worldwide using her unique skills in strategic business psychology.™

Client Recommendations

“Elizabeth Gibson was a driving force in our turnaround at Best Buy. Her knowledge and insights are priceless, and I’ve seen first-hand how she makes an extraordinary impact on the bottom line. She has an eye for spotting and developing great talent. She thinks big, and she has a unique perspective that allows her to identify and solve problems with great efficiency. Elizabeth combines scientific approaches with creative solutions to add real business value in a way few consultants can.”
Brad Anderson

Board of Directors at Best Buy
(Former CEO & President at Best Buy)

“Elizabeth is amazing. In my career of more than 30 years, I have learned and grown more from Elizabeth’s guidance than any other single individual. She is insightful, intuitive and masterful in helping individuals accelerate their effectiveness. She is just as impactful in helping groups of people work together to become true TEAMS, infused with synergy. The teams I’ve been a part of that have had Elizabeth as coach have been teams that have achieved transcendent results, beyond what anyone would have expected.”
Glenn Hansen

President/CEO at Redden Marine Supply, Inc. (Former Partner at One Accord; Former District Manager at Best Buy)

“After working with Elizabeth for years, I can confidently say that she is a clear leader in helping organizations implement change. She has a genuine talent for observing corporate culture, developing smart strategies to move forward, and identifying the pivotal roadblocks along the way. She also has a knack for spotting and making the most out of highly talented individuals. Time and time again, I’ve seen the huge difference she has made for companies facing major challenges. It’s always impressive.”
Andy Billings

VP at Profitable Creativity (Former Managing Director at RHR International Co.)

“Elizabeth is an outstanding career coach and mentor. She drives people to achieve great results. She is fun to work with and a subject matter expert on executive assessments, coaching and change management. I would recommend her to anyone.”
John Foley

Vice President Human Resources at Austin Industries

“Elizabeth’s work with Best Buy was truly revolutionary. Using proven concepts from industrial psychology, she built a discipline that allowed Best Buy to produce commission sales results across tens of thousands of people without a commission pay program. Not only did sales and profits rise, but so did customer satisfaction. Elizabeth is a rare talent who sees how psychology can be used to unleash vast untapped potential in exceptionally large teams of people.”
Kevin Freeland

CEO/President (VCS) at Federal-Mogul Corporation (Former President of Musicland)

“It would be hard to overstate Elizabeth’s accomplishments during the time we worked together at Best Buy. She, her ideas and the tools she put in place were the essential elements of an organizational transformation involving nearly 100,000 people. Elizabeth’s talent lies in applying the latest concepts and tools from behavioral science in a tailored fashion to the specific needs of the company or team with whom she is working. Her rare talent is her business strategy acumen and her ability to read people and company cultures such that the concepts gain traction and make an impact. I have seen her succeed with teams from a half dozen to the aforementioned Fortune 50 company. Elizabeth is a woman of high integrity and she’s fun to work with; I highly recommend her.”
Tom Healy

President of Value Driven, LLC (Former Executive VP at Best Buy)

“I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on a major change initiative at Best Buy. I have worked with many consultants throughout my career, but none have been as innovative and out-of-the-box as Elizabeth. She left the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to consulting behind, opting instead for a collaborative, learning approach to solve the problems at hand. She assembled a diverse team of internal and external talent and effectively leveraged the collective skills of the group to bring the change initiative to life. In addition to building a grass roots change effort, Elizabeth and her team integrated executive coaching into the process. Leadership theory and change management philosophy were internalized, resulting in new leadership behavior that inherently changed the culture of the organization. Elizabeth’s work had a positive impact on what would become the company’s most successful period in its history.”
John Kiser

Regional Sales Manager at Russell Cellular (Former District Manager at Best Buy)